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The search for Mr. or Miss Right can be an incredibly daunting task without the right set of tools. Dating is an extremely fickle game. What works successfully for one person may spell disaster for another. With so many different types of people, interests and dating obstacles, how can anyone feel anything but helpless and lost when it comes to finding their perfect future mate? In the quest to find the answers, I found that the most successful "daters" all had certain successful things they did. Out of those I have developed the 7 rules to succesful dating. :) While these may not work for everybody, it's definitely a great place to start! Before you start applying these rules, remember, if you truly wish your dating experiece to be successful, treat it as you would a job or an important project. Your level of committment to this will determine your level of success. Above everything... just have fun! mail order brides

Rule One: Be open to communication.
This is the simplest of rules to follow but is also the most overlooked and forgotten. Just about anything you try to do will eventually end up a failure if you're not open to receiving a response from the opposite sex. Remember, often times the only reason someone didn't come up to you was because they were too shy to. Remove that barrier by being confident in yourself, smile WHENEVER you think of it, laugh and have fun just being you! If a person doesn't initiate contact with you because they didn't like you being you, then you are defintiely better off without them!

On the other side of this rule, make an extra effort to communicate with others. If you see someone in the local store, say Hi! Make eye contact and smile with whomever you can. You'll find the more you do this, the easier it will become. If nothing else, you'll have some great conversations and maybe even find a few new friends!

Rule Two: Establish a relationship with all friends and acquaintances.
The second most important rule to successful dating is to make it known you are looking within your circle of friends. Dig up your old phone book and call everyone in it. Find out how they're doing and if they'd like to get together sometime. The more you stay in contact, and in the mind of your friends and acquaintances, the higher the chances of getting invited to social events where your potential future partner may be.

Rule Three: Be available.
It doesn't do much good to successfully do rule two and then drop the ball by not being available. When a friend calls to see if you want to do something, do it! (Even if it's just to go on a quick errand.) This follows the philosophy of rule two, the more you stay in contact and are a reliable resource, the more chances you'll have in being at places your future partner may be.

An additional note regarding this rule, it's up to you to keep in contact with the circle of friends you've chosen. If they stop contacting you or you find your social calendar dwindling, chances are it's because you stopped doing Rule 2. This is an on-going rule that is to be done all the time. If you find this happening to, DO NOT get upset with the particular friend. Just call them up, find out how they're doing and re-establish your communication with them. Remember the phrase... out of site, out of mind.

Rule Four: Do things!
No successful promotion relies on only one source for results, hence rule four. Make a list of all your favorite hobbies, sports, etc. Do some research and see what related clubs, events or programs there are. Pick the two that attract you the most and join them. If your office has any type of after-hours events... go to them. Join a gym. Take recreational classes in things you've always wanted to learn. Anything you can do in a public setting instead of a private one, do that.

While doing rule four keep in mind rule one. If you aren't be open to receiving communication then, chances are, your efforts in the end will be in vain.

Rule Five: Be organized.
With all your new activities and renewed social life, you may be feeling a bit bogged down with coming and going. Invest in a good day planner and USE IT! Decide in the beginning what amount of time you want to devote to your social life and create your calendar around that. (Don't forget to pencil in some personal time as well!) Once you start using your calender, make it a permanent fixture of your being. By doing this, anytime an invitation arrives you can quickly decide whether or not you can make it. A MUCH better alternative to having to call them back later to say yes or no.

Rule Six: Keep your belongings and yourself in good condition.
While this is truly a lifetime piece of advice, it is very critical to the dating game. First impressions mean everything. Take the extra time out to keep your car and your home always looking clean and fresh. You never know when a chance meeting may happen. Also, keep yourself in good condition by taking care of your skin, health, hair, clothes, etc. Nothing says success more than a well kept up person.

Rule Seven: Enjoy life and be okay with being single!
Remember, this is a game. Some days it may feel like you're losing and others like you're ahead of everyone. Don't expect everyone you meet to be the perfect partner. And, when they turn out not to be, enjoy yourself anyway. You never know what type of person they are if you don't take the chance to find out. Finally, have fun and enjoy living. With the activities you're doing and the friends, friendship you'll be around, take time to just relish the opportunity to have those things. In time you'll find your perfect partner. Who knows, they may turn out to be right under your nose!

Since the early years of 19th century, ordering Ukrainian Brides via mail had never lost its popularity amongst the men for finding a special bride. Some men found the love they have been looking for and some women found the financial security, family and new horizons in foreign countries. With the increasing popularity, business got bigger and bigger, dozens of new agencies formed and millions of singles tried building families and in fact 54% of them succeeded.

What changed was with the birth of the Internet, some people whom we now call ‘scammers’ used the advantages of online dating services and thousands of innocent men got suckered millions of dollars for finding the love or a possible wife from foreign countries. These scammers posted some fake pictures on dating sites, emailed innocent men using special patterns of content in their messages and mostly succeeded in their evil plans.

So must you be afraid of looking for a russian bride on the net? Definitely not. According to researches, 89% percent of russian women looking for a spouse on the internet have honest intentions and only 50% percent of this women can find the love from distant lands. And again according to the researches 76% of scammers are men who even do not live in the country they claim.

So what can you do to avoid being scammed? How can you know if your potential bride is a scam or not? So here are some tips to differentiate a scammer from an honest woman:

You have a profile on a dating site. Maybe you’re not so popular or even you don’t have a picture on this site. And out of nowhere you started getting letters from a russian beauty. That’s is a red flag and you must be very cautious.

The picture(s) is another point. Some russian girls do not have the financial means to buy a digital camera or even to get their pictures taken from a professional. So if the picture(s) you’re seeing is too good to be true or the image names contain long numbers, this is another flag.

A scammer never reads your emails properly. All they do is to tell about themselves and pretending to fall in love after 3-4 letters.

If she/he talks about her financial problems in the first or second letter, this is a big red flag and it’s better if you can reconsider wasting your time or money with her/him.

Never send any money for VISA or airplane tickets, sick family members or phone bills. If she really loves for whom you’re, she will not ask for this before she meets you anyway.
So these are some important points you must never forget or ignore. It was proven that the best way to meet a woman from abroad is visiting her on her city. If she’s a scammer, she will try everything to avoid this, anyway. While involving in communications with her, ask straight questions and look if you’re getting sincere & honest answers or are you being avoided?

After knowing each other and the first dating stage, do not hesitate to start talking on the phone. Listen to her voice and try to discover if she is a woman in love or she is after your money.

If you keep these tips in your mind and take the necessary cautions. You may find your dream love from Russia or other countries. Don’t forget that there are thousands of honest russian women looking for an honest man like you. If you are sincere and honest to them, they will return you the favour.

1.What is your height and weight? How old are you?
2. What is your hair and eye colour? How much hair do you have left?
3. Do you drink alcohol and how often? Do you get drunk?
4. Do you smoke? If yes, how often? In the house or outside?
5. Do you take drugs?
6. When is your birthday?
7. Have you been married before?
8. Do you have children? How old are they? How often do you see them? Do they live with you?
9. Are you religious? What is your religion/faith? Do you go to Church every week?
11. If we are not the same religion will you respect my need to attend my own church?
12. Do you want children in our marriage? How many?
13.ᅠ If we have children what religion will they be brought up with?
14. Do you want me to work? If I wish to find employment will you allow me to?
14. Will we be able to send a money home to my family?
15. Do you have a criminal record?
16. Do you have any hobbies?
17. Do you like sports? Which ones? Do you play any sports? How often? Do you exercise often?
18. Are you healthy? If you have any health problems, what are they?
19. What is the weather like where you live?
20. Do you live close to any of your family?
21. How many brothers and sisters do you have? Are you close to your siblings?
22. Will your family support you marrying a foreign woman?
23. Do you have any connections to former wives or girlfriends other than your children? Why?
24. What kind of movies do you like?
25. What kind of music do you like?
26. Do you own your house, or a condo or do you rent a house or condo? Or do you live with your parents?
27. What type of job do you have? How long have you had your job?
28. Are you happy with your employment?
29. Are you planning to change careers soon? Would that affect our standard of living?
30. Do you think you will succeed or advance in your present job?
31. What are your career ambitions? Would you want to own your own company? Doing what?
32. Do you have a retirement plan?
33. How much debt do you have? Include house, car, loans?
34. Do you have a University or College education? What was your major in University? Did you go to a Trade School?
35. Why are you interested in a foreign wife instead of a woman from your own country?
36. What do you know about my country? Have you ever visited and when will you visit?
37. Do you know any other girls from my country? If yes, what do you think of them? How do you know them?
38. Describe to me what you think are a wife's duties in a marriage?
39. Describe to me what you think are a husband's duties in a marriage?
40. How often would you want to revisit my country after we marry? Once a year, once every five years, etc?
41. What kind of food do you like? Can you cook?
42. Where have you traveled in the world? In your own country? What was your favourite destination?
43. Would you want or allow me to continue my education in your country?
44. In your opinion, how long should a man and a woman know each other before considering marriage? What is the shortest possible time?
45. Do you prefer marriage in my country or yours?
46. Is everything in your profile true?
47. Have you ever hit a woman?
48. What type of clothing do you wear day to day?
49. Do you like domestic animals? Do you have any pets? Do you want one?
50. Is there a community in your town with people from my country?

You can take this as advice or just reading material but I find them to be interesting (a bit cheesy and obvious but interesting). They have been circulating the Net for sometime now in different form. I thought it would be interesting to read and slightly dissect. Some agencies – one in particular - hoping to appear as “do-gooders” post this on their home page as advice. There is some truth to this advice but at the same time it is written to accentuate the positive and clearly lacking in depth analysis. No agency will ever tell you the entire truth, they will only tell you what they want you to hear. The person who originally wrote this article did so for Russian women and her agency. Subsequent and similar articles on other agency sites are basically cut and paste jobs of this piece. Substitute the word foreign every time you see Russian as this applies to all foreign women.
So here are four pieces of advice:

Any western man searching for foreign brides specifically in Eastern Europe please take heed of this advice, as it will help your adventure become successful. It is imperative that you do NOT do the following:

1. Do not believe for an instant that foreign women are searching outside their borders for the sole purpose of leaving their country. Just like you would not want to live with someone you don't like, Eastern European women are looking for a man that they can like and share a home with. If they wanted to simply get out of Russia, they would not have all the requirements they have about the man they want (wish) to meet.
(Delete – trying to sell agency)
Russian women seek compatible partners, not just a way out of Russia. Remember this when contacting (Eastern European) Russian women you meet online.

Yes we all want compatible partners but most foreign women seek a better life as well as a compatible partner. You may have all the best traits and be compatible but if you live in a trailer home your compatible partner may disappear a couple of days after arriving. It should be noted that “compatible” for agencies means that 500 men will buy the same address for one lady so compatible, in effect, means profitable.

2. Do not think that Russian women will love or admire you just because of your passport.

Many men think a Russian woman will like them simply because they live in a better country. This is, of course, is not enough - a Russian woman also expects to be courted and treated with dignity and respect, just like a western woman.
You have to establish a genuine relationship to be able to bring your Russian fiancée to your country - forget the stories about 'mail order brides’; you cannot buy or order a bride!

“Live in a better country” – by writing this our agency lady has opened a Pandora’s box without even realizing her error. The contradictions and the possibility for endless debate are outstanding. Read our article “Better Life”.
I love that part about “ordering”. I agree that there is no such animal as a Mail Order Bride (per se) but if you can’t actually “order” a bride why do so many agencies have the words “Order this Girl” on their agency websites. If you are paying for an address you are placing an order. You should ask for a side order of fries. Makes you want to go hmm…

3. Do not think that Russian women are less intelligent or less educated than you are.

Some people think Russian women are less educated or less intelligent than women in their country. This is simply not true. In Russia, according to the latest census, more than 60% of women hold a college or university degree.
Men visiting Russia usually say that Russian people are well educated on a variety of subjects and 'very smart'. If you are looking for a woman who is intelligent and educated, it will be easy for you to meet a woman like this in Russia.

Can’t argue any of this, it’s fairly obnoxious to assume someone else is less or more educated. It is true that women in Eastern Europe are well educated and that education is easily accessible and virtually free (In comparison to the west where we get fleeced for years to come). It is also true that two out of three Russian television newscasts are run by the Kremlin and the third is monitored closely therefore social education at the moment (just like the good ‘ol days) is a sucker punch. On a higher education level it has also been well documented that $200 in your exam book buys good grades in Russia so take that for what it’s worth. That is not to take away from the majority of academic pursuits by those who earn their degrees. Devil’s Advocate, don’t shoot the critic.

4. Do not think that all you need is to send her a ticket and she will come to you tomorrow.

Most people in the west are not aware that it is nearly impossible for a Russian woman to get a tourist visa to United States, Canada or Australia. The are numbers of Internet criminals that prey on this ignorance and contact unsuspecting men through large dating sites, using fake identities and asking for money for visas and tickets. If you ever receive such a request from someone who pretends to be from Russia, the first thing to do is to contact your Embassy in this country and ask him or her if this person applied for a visa, and whether they have been granted the visa. 99 times out of 100, the person with this name never applied for a visa.
Never send money to anyone who pretends to be a Russian woman and asks you for money for visa and tickets! This is the most common Internet dating scam, and these people are not real. There have been were a number of people arrested for scams like this, including Americans.

I do not personally know any man who is is not aware of Internet scams. Most Newbies may not be prepared for scammers but by reading discussion boards on this site or elsewhere they become quick experts.
“Through large dating sites”…Of course no mention was made that the huge majority of scammers use agencies and the agency owners are responsible. Nonetheless it is very true and common sense that no man should ever send money for any reason. We have this little fact plastered all over our website.

There were actually five pieces of advice but the last piece advocated dismissing Internet Sites and signing up for Agencies. Of course I deleted this…I agree that the large sites that cater to local dating should not be involved in International Dating. TuCandles is niche dating for local so don’t include us. Nonetheless, I will never recommend (without my personal research) an Agency for my customers. Rip off, rip off and rip off.

There are people who accuse others after they have failed in searching love through online dating services. Unfortunately, they don't realize that with an attentive eye focused on themselves they can find the cause of their failure in dating. If you find it difficult to find your perfect match, then may be the right time to analyze what it is you are offering. Below you'll find good free dating advices which will help you improve your dateability. 

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Advice 1:

What is your usual mood?
People avoid problems, but attracted to others who make them feel happy. Positive people are people magnets. Fee dating advice: to make happy your soulmate you should be happy yourself. If you're not happy, then it's high time to change your thoughts. Thoughts cause feelings.

Advice 2:

Imagine you have got everything that makes you happy. Attract attention to your feelings: pleasure, joy, confidence. Good advice: become happy in your mind - you'll become happy in reality.

Advice 3:

Find out what would really make you happy, and do it! Every person has talents. Discover and develop yours. Find yourself and you will find the other half you are looking for. Everybody gets rejected at least once a life. Try to turn all negative things off and think good things about yourself. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Love yourself and others will love you.

Advice 4:

Don’t hurry to expose yourself, try to be a mystery as long as possible. Free advice: always leave your new friend wanting more.

Advice 5:

Dating advice for woman:a man is a conqueror by nature, that’s why your strong interest in his personality can decrease his interest in you. While dating online don't give off signs that you're still emotionally committed.

Advice 6:

Take an objective look at your past relationships and realize your mistakes. Then say "stop" to painful thoughts about past dating failures, you can’t alter the past. Live in present, dream and build happy future.

Advice 7:

Are you purposeful? Do you have dreams and future goals for dating online? It could mean introspection, improving yourself, making plans for dating online. A purposeful person attracts others by showing the will to grow as a person.

Advice 8:
What are you doing for you? Good advice: if you aren't engaged in any hobbies, self-improvement or other interests you may be giving signals that you will be overly dependent on a potential partner.

Advice 9:

Before dating online fully realize the type of relationship you wish.

Advice 10:

First than browse dating profiles, be sure to realize features you do not want in a new partner and things you can live with. This advice will save your time.

Advice 11:

Whom you are talking about mostly while communication?
People are typically attracted to others who make them feel good about themselves. Good advice: open the topics a person is conversant with. Russian Brides Chat

Advice 12:

Show your interest in his/her hobbies and occupation.

The personal profile that you post onto an online dating site is the key to attracting and meeting the right person.

However writing about yourself can be a daunting task, especially when faced with a blank computer screen. You want to appear confident but not arrogant, independent but caring, adventurous but sensitive and above all someone who on paper represents the true you. It can be very difficult.

When recent polls asked what men and women would most like in their relationship, the resounding response was happiness. Is your love relationship a happy one? If it is not, then what exactly is a happy love relationship? This article tries to answer this pressing question. It will teach you how you can be guaranteed that your love relationship will bring you happiness.

As relationships advisor, I often hear men and women say they are happy with their love life. Behind closed doors, however, the same people who say they are happy with their love life admit that they are not. For many years, I have heard people say that although they are unhappy with what they have, it is better than being alone. Women, in particular, say it is too difficult to find a good man.

Certain steps are required to find the love relationship that will make you and your partner happy. Here are five simple steps to help you find the happiness that eludes you.

Have you ever fallen in love with two different persons at the same time? Falling in love with two different persons, girl russian whom both have the same feeling for you too? Well, there is actually nothing wrong with that. In fact I would say that it is something very normal, sometimes even falling for more than two persons for some.

We are afterall human beings, creatures of great emotions. It is just natural for one to develop a liking for the opposite sex, especially when the both are getting along very well. Sometimes, it is just so hard for us to control our feeling and nevertheless, it has always been human nature to be greedy. It is always good to be able to have the best of both worlds isn?t it? But well, things are usually just not possible. At the end of the day, you just have to make your choice, to decide for yourself, your one and only love whom that person to be.

To love or not to love, it is your choice. Think of it this way. In our path of life, we are always faced with choices. Choices that we have to make decisions over; decisions that will affect our life. At circumstances, even having to make immediate decision on the spot, decisions concerning of life and death. Sometimes we made the right decision and sometimes the wrong. But no matter what our decisions might have brought so far; we accepted them, didn?t we?