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For centuries it became a reality that Slavic women symbolize the idea of pure beauty and stable family relations. Slavic women combine all beautiful ladies that live at the territory of former USSR. Fantastic Ukrainian girls, gorgeous Russian brides create a wonderful unity that is valued by all real gentlemen in the world.


Times have changed and due to Internet services now it became possible to meet destiny at the distant part of the world. We are sure that Ukrainian girls are the best choice for every man as they share the qualities that every family needs the best.

First of all Ukrainian and Russian brides are very devoted. Everyone knows that they will do everything to save marriage. Russian girls believe that family is a special unity created by upper power and it is not possible to ruin it.

Second, Ukrainian girls are very hospitable. This wife is always waiting for a husband at home coming from work, the house is clean and the dinner is waiting hot and delicious. It is a secret that is kept from generation to generation by Slavic women, no one knows how they manage to do that, but you will find peace and happiness with such a wife.

Third (and it is the most remarkable fact), Ukrainian and Russian ladies are the most beautiful. Slim and passionate blondes, hot and gorgeous brunettes, all wonderful types of natural beauty were created at this holy piece of land. There is a legend that all barbarian tribes were mixed at the great plains of this countries and the ladies took the most beautiful and remarkable features of appearance in ancient times. It is a classical beauty.

There is no need to prove that Slavic women are the best choice for a good and happy marriage. They are waiting for you.

Yeah, LOVE is in the air!

Poets, writers and singers of all ages and nationalities have always glorified and poetized this beautiful mysterious feeling using the most flattering epithets and comparisons; artists have been creating amazing and pleasant for eyes masterpieces. There is hardly possible to find a person in the world who has never loved. In one way or other, love is like a measels and we all have to go through it :)

This time I would like to bring to your notice a stunning collection of photographs that convey this deep feeling, passion and affection. As Percy Bysshe Shelly once said: “Soul meets soul on lover’s lips.” So, here are the most impassioned kisses! Enjoy!

* * *


Great scene! I really like the lightning and emotions. The photo could not be better: beautiful couple in love!

* * *


The photo is very hot and passionate! And everything is perfectly balanced. The color scheme is really amazing!

* * *


This photo is taken by a photographer Kangshin Lee. Very nice moment! It looks like a scene from some romantic movie.

* * *

warm _kiss

The photo is taken by Gerhard Grasinger. What expression! Everything is perfect: lightning, models poses and technical execution. It is full of mystery and emotions!

* * *


Sweet and funny!

* * *


Red is a very emotionally intense color. It is associated with energy, passion, desire, and love. Cute shot!

* * *


This bright and lovely photo was taken by the author during the Independence Day in Kiev (Ukraine). Their bodies just say: “Love is all we need!” :)

* * *


Looking at this picture, I recollect the popular song of Billie Myers - “Kiss the rain”:

Kiss the rain,
Whenever you need me,
Kiss the rain,
Whenever I'm gone too long.
If your lips
Feel hungry and thirsty,
Kiss the rain
And wait for the dawn.

* * *

I love you

Here is one of my favorite photographs! The sunset on the oceanfront looks really fantastic! “A kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes superfluous.” (c) Ingrid Bergmen.

* * *

Well… if you meet a man or a woman who doesn’t know how to kiss, always find time to teach him or her! :)

* * *
By the way, do you know that Russian brides are the best kissers? :) Russian girls are very passionate and tender at the same time. If you want to experience new feelings, do not hesitate and visit to meet the most beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women ever! What everyone wants from life is continuous and genuine happiness. Just let yourself be happy!


The hole year day by day people devote all their time to hardworking. And despite on huge amount of different holidays among the year - they patiently save money for summer vacation! Some of them just hoping to have unforgettable time, some dreaming about finding their soul mates, another just want to make a vacation surprise to their beloved!!

They spend rainy chilly fall with lots of puddles and slush, freezing winter with severe frosts in dreaming about sunny amazing summertime! In spring people start preparing to the summer full of emotions of future pleasure. Of course they do! They were waiting it for long long 9 months!!!

Summer is a time of fun, single beautiful ladies, joy, unforgettable vacations, beautiful sunburn, pleasant pastime and valuable rest. It is the perfect time for love and dating. The great number of people desire to spend this time as pleasant as possible. The lion’s share of this time they spend pampered under the goldish rays of the sun and defiling on beachs in wonderful swimming suits. This year a tendency on a fashion in swimming suits is so various and colourful.


Hot summer is already here !!!



Merilyn Monroe….. A legend…… She was first lady who dared to wear a bikini!!!



Nowadays bikini became more open, sexy and unbelievable various!!!!



From the ancient times a man liked to look at a fire, listen the murmur of water and burst air bubbles on packing polyethylene. Therefore not a single man will be able to resist before a lady, dressed in a bubble-wrap-bikini.


In fact such ‘miracle’ not only is pleasant to admire or touch, on it is possible also enthrallingly to burst bubbles! Two pleasures at once always much better, than one and unknown when!!!



Perfect lady….. Perfect girlfriend….. Perfect bride…..



And she is so delightfully happy….. Laughter and joy make you younger!



 Gold will never be too much!


Solar bikini


No one normal man will not resist a temptation straight on a beach to charge the devices with the energy through USB-port, located in a girl’s shorts.



All known, leather were is and always will be on the peak of fashion!!!!


The $30 Million Diamond  Bikini


Bikini composition consists from more than 150 carats of blameless diamonds, some of which are the rarest and unique in the world copies, as for example a diamond in a 51 carat is blameless on frequency with a peachy ebb, 30 carat diamond with an emerald section, pair of 15 carat round diamonds and pair of 8 carat oval diamond. All diamonds are absolutely clean and blameless.

Stones are connected by a platinum chainlet which converts this glimmered mineral deposit into an accessory not intended for death natures, being a vestment, deserving to Eternal Inamorata of Amur.



So fresh and glamorous!!! Everybody dream about to be saved by those gorgeous ladies…



 A real Wild Orchid …


All people perceive the word “romance” in different ways. But of course this is a metaphorical notion. And probably this is just a special condition of your soul. However, scientists say that romance is a light trance, when all outer feelings damp down and inner euphoria overwhelms you. So how to describe this complicated phenomenon?

Maybe romance is an irregular compliment or even an art to make compliments! Or it is when…But is this really so important to know an exact definition?

I will reveal you a secret! All these things which are shown on TV – dinner with candles, calm music and so on and so forth – they are only the external demonstration of romantic atmosphere. And they will not help you to avoid boredom if you are not interested in the person with whom you experience this. Sometimes, it is much more interesting to sit on the roof and watch the stars, enjoy the lights of the night city and feel how time stops around you, sense every touch of the wind, see the things which you haven’t noticed before, enjoy this moment of life and feel this life together with your close person. What do you think about these simple things? Romance can be different. And this is so, because it depends upon our attitude towards different things. For example when you live in the city, some days in a forest can seem to you to be really the most romantic in your life; however a person from a small town or village will be happy to spend some day in a big city walking through the streets and visiting different museums and galleries. Russian Brides Chat

Some people consider “romance” as flowers, teddy-bears, chocolates; others think that it is a long walk under the moon light. But our soul prompts to us that romance is a feeling which wakes in you when all the senses are very sharp; when you don’t want to hide your emotions and dreams and when everything around just seems to be better!

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You can take this as advice or just reading material but I find them to be interesting (a bit cheesy and obvious but interesting). They have been circulating the Net for sometime now in different form. I thought it would be interesting to read and slightly dissect. Some agencies – one in particular - hoping to appear as “do-gooders” post this on their home page as advice. There is some truth to this advice but at the same time it is written to accentuate the positive and clearly lacking in depth analysis. No agency will ever tell you the entire truth, they will only tell you what they want you to hear. The person who originally wrote this article did so for Russian women and her agency. Subsequent and similar articles on other agency sites are basically cut and paste jobs of this piece. Substitute the word foreign every time you see Russian as this applies to all foreign women.
So here are four pieces of advice:

Any western man searching for foreign brides specifically in Eastern Europe please take heed of this advice, as it will help your adventure become successful. It is imperative that you do NOT do the following:

1. Do not believe for an instant that foreign women are searching outside their borders for the sole purpose of leaving their country. Just like you would not want to live with someone you don't like, Eastern European women are looking for a man that they can like and share a home with. If they wanted to simply get out of Russia, they would not have all the requirements they have about the man they want (wish) to meet.
(Delete – trying to sell agency)
Russian women seek compatible partners, not just a way out of Russia. Remember this when contacting (Eastern European) Russian women you meet online.

Yes we all want compatible partners but most foreign women seek a better life as well as a compatible partner. You may have all the best traits and be compatible but if you live in a trailer home your compatible partner may disappear a couple of days after arriving. It should be noted that “compatible” for agencies means that 500 men will buy the same address for one lady so compatible, in effect, means profitable.

2. Do not think that Russian women will love or admire you just because of your passport.

Many men think a Russian woman will like them simply because they live in a better country. This is, of course, is not enough - a Russian woman also expects to be courted and treated with dignity and respect, just like a western woman.
You have to establish a genuine relationship to be able to bring your Russian fiancée to your country - forget the stories about 'mail order brides’; you cannot buy or order a bride!

“Live in a better country” – by writing this our agency lady has opened a Pandora’s box without even realizing her error. The contradictions and the possibility for endless debate are outstanding. Read our article “Better Life”.
I love that part about “ordering”. I agree that there is no such animal as a Mail Order Bride (per se) but if you can’t actually “order” a bride why do so many agencies have the words “Order this Girl” on their agency websites. If you are paying for an address you are placing an order. You should ask for a side order of fries. Makes you want to go hmm…

3. Do not think that Russian women are less intelligent or less educated than you are.

Some people think Russian women are less educated or less intelligent than women in their country. This is simply not true. In Russia, according to the latest census, more than 60% of women hold a college or university degree.
Men visiting Russia usually say that Russian people are well educated on a variety of subjects and 'very smart'. If you are looking for a woman who is intelligent and educated, it will be easy for you to meet a woman like this in Russia.

Can’t argue any of this, it’s fairly obnoxious to assume someone else is less or more educated. It is true that women in Eastern Europe are well educated and that education is easily accessible and virtually free (In comparison to the west where we get fleeced for years to come). It is also true that two out of three Russian television newscasts are run by the Kremlin and the third is monitored closely therefore social education at the moment (just like the good ‘ol days) is a sucker punch. On a higher education level it has also been well documented that $200 in your exam book buys good grades in Russia so take that for what it’s worth. That is not to take away from the majority of academic pursuits by those who earn their degrees. Devil’s Advocate, don’t shoot the critic.

4. Do not think that all you need is to send her a ticket and she will come to you tomorrow.

Most people in the west are not aware that it is nearly impossible for a Russian woman to get a tourist visa to United States, Canada or Australia. The are numbers of Internet criminals that prey on this ignorance and contact unsuspecting men through large dating sites, using fake identities and asking for money for visas and tickets. If you ever receive such a request from someone who pretends to be from Russia, the first thing to do is to contact your Embassy in this country and ask him or her if this person applied for a visa, and whether they have been granted the visa. 99 times out of 100, the person with this name never applied for a visa.
Never send money to anyone who pretends to be a Russian woman and asks you for money for visa and tickets! This is the most common Internet dating scam, and these people are not real. There have been were a number of people arrested for scams like this, including Americans.

I do not personally know any man who is is not aware of Internet scams. Most Newbies may not be prepared for scammers but by reading discussion boards on this site or elsewhere they become quick experts.
“Through large dating sites”…Of course no mention was made that the huge majority of scammers use agencies and the agency owners are responsible. Nonetheless it is very true and common sense that no man should ever send money for any reason. We have this little fact plastered all over our website.

There were actually five pieces of advice but the last piece advocated dismissing Internet Sites and signing up for Agencies. Of course I deleted this…I agree that the large sites that cater to local dating should not be involved in International Dating. TuCandles is niche dating for local so don’t include us. Nonetheless, I will never recommend (without my personal research) an Agency for my customers. Rip off, rip off and rip off.

Online dating offers lonesome people an unprecedented opportunity to find that special someone, or just to make some interesting friends. While the world might not be full of "loonies," there are just enough of them out there to make it a possibly risky adventure. Follow these basic safety tips to minimize the possibility of a dating disaster happening to you.

1. Post recent photos of yourself that really depict how you look. Don't try to make potential dates think you are something you are not. Honesty will always pay off for those who are sincerely seeking a companion.

2. Don't plan too big a date for your first meeting. Just get together for a cup of coffee during your lunch break. Leave yourself an out if the date is a disaster.

3. Don't drink too much when you're getting acquainted with them. Alcohol is well-known for its ability to make a person lose their better judgment. It can also make someone seem much more interesting and attractive to you than they actually would be on a day-to-day sober basis.

4. Meet in a public place. To be really safe, let someone know about the meeting, and ask them to contact you at a predetermined time to make sure you are safe. Don't forget to take your cell phone with you, so you can phone for help if you need it.

5. Watch out for would-be dates, international dating who seem to want to be all things to you without admitting to any flaws. Some will try to get you to think they are super-adaptable and would fit into any type of situation. Very few people are really like this. Look instead for someone who is not afraid to pin themselves down.

6. Set up a separate email account just for dating correspondence. Make it anonymous, and don't call yourself by a name that has sexual overtones. Doing so will attract the wrong type of potential dates.

7. Pay attention to your gut feelings. Maybe you can't put your finger on what exactly is wrong, but if you have reservations about progressing forward with a particular person, back off. Our intuition is often a step ahead of the game, picking up on weird comments or behaviors that our conscious mind might not notice. Trust your instincts.

8. Remember that identity theft is a very real possibility these days. To protect yourself, first, stay anonymous with your potential date until you are sure you can trust them. This means you don't reveal your phone number or street address prematurely. It also means you don't leave your purse with them while you go to the ladies' room.

9. When you're having those first few real dates, don't leave your drink unattended. Consider the possibility that they might slip something into it.

10. Don't let them pick you up in their own vehicle. Instead, drive yourself or get a taxi. Don't leave with them or go to their home afterward until you've had enough dates to know you can trust them. Similarly, don't take them home with you either.

Hopefully, you'll be getting together with someone who is trustworthy and enjoyable to be with. Just in case, be sure you follow these safety tips when venturing into the world of online dating.

First, you must be legally russian marriage in order to petition for your spouse to immigrate to the United States. In most cases, this will mean that you will get married in the Philippines.

How do I get married in the Philippines?

STEP 1: Obtain an "Affidavit in Lieu of a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage" at the US Embassy’s American Citizen Services Branch daily from 7:30 to 8:30 am (Room "P" on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Window "L" Tuesday and Thursday). The US citizen should first get a red number on the wall across from Window L. The applicant must present his or her US passport. There is a fee of $55.00 or its peso equivalent in obtaining the Affidavit. It is not necessary for the fiancé/e to appear.

STEP 2: File an application for a marriage license at the office of the Philippine Civil Registrar in the town or city where one of the couple lives. In order to apply for a marriage license, you will need:

Your US passport;

The Affidavit from the US Embassy;

A divorce decree or spouse’s death certificate, if previously married;

Proof that you have informed your parents if you are 22 to 24; or

Proof of parental consent if you are 18 to 21.

STEP 3: Get married!

STEP 4: File the Petition.

After you return to the United States, you should file a petition with the nearest office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) that covers your permanent place of residence. Petition forms for IR-1 spouse visas (Form I-130) are available from any INS office in the United States or at the US Embassy in Manila, located at Window 35 in the Immigrant Visa Unit waiting area. STEP 5: Petition Approval. INS approves the petition and sends it to the National Visa Center in New Hampshire for review of the documentation. (Note: Approval of a visa petition by the INS does not necessarily mean that a visa will be issued. ONLY A CONSULAR OFFICER AT THE EMBASSY MAY DETERMINE A PERSON’S ELIGIBILITY TO RECEIVE A VISA.).

STEP 6: The National Visa Center will send the necessary forms to the spouse and petitioner (You will be also be contacted and asked to complete the Affidavit of Support (Form I-864) and return it to the National Visa Center, which will review it for completeness)

STEP 7: The petitioner and applicant will return all required forms to the National Visa Center. NVC will then forward all of the relevant documents to the US Embassy, including your Affidavit of Support.

STEP 8: After receiving the case from the National Visa Center, the Embassy schedules an interview for the spouse with a consular officer. (It is NOT necessary for the US citizen to attend this interview).

STEP 9: The Interview! If the consul determines that the applicant is eligible to receive a visa, he/she will approve the application and direct the applicant to pay the issuance fee of $65.00 and arrange for courier delivery of the completed visa package, which will normally take 7-10 days after approval. If the consul determines that the applicant is NOT eligible, he/she will either 1) explain how the applicant can correct the problem and return for another interview or 2) will give the applicant a written explanation of the ineligibility and return the petition to the INS.

Can my spouse bring his/her children?

Yes. An IR visa allows unmarried minor children to travel to the US, either at the same time as your spouse or at a later date. However, a separate immigrant visa petition is required for each child in an IR case.

Can I file a petition if my permanent residence is in the Philippines?

Yes, you may file a petition if you live overseas. However, for an IR-1 visa, you MUST be domiciled in the United States by the time your spouse appears for a personal interview at the Embassy [NOTE: Active duty US military personnel are considered to be domiciled in the United States while serving overseas].

Are there any other requirements for filing a petition?

Yes. To petition for a spouse:

You and your spouse must have been legally free to marry at the time of marriage; and

You must be validly married under the laws of the Philippines (see above) Ukrainian Brides 

Flirting is not rocket science. It is simply a common sense method of letting people know you’re available without being tacky or obnoxious. AND… if done properly, it is your best chance at snagging your future partner! So, get ready to demystify the art of flirting with these five fabulous flirting tips. Practice your new moves on the object of your desire this weekend…

#1: Be Sincere
If you’re going to flirt, you need to be real about it. Anyone can spot a fake a mile away. If you’re feeling insecure about your flirting skills, don’t start with your secret crush since the 10th grade. Begin in a situation you are most comfortable with. If you’re going to pay compliments to someone, be sincere about them, ukrainian girls. Really mean what you are saying and your results will be well worth the effort.

#2: Smile
A smile is the simplest form of flattery. It shows that you are genuinely interested in the other person, and for that one single moment they are the only thing on your mind. Never underestimate the power of a smile.

#3: Touch
Touch is an obvious sign of interest. Used correctly it can be a subtle way of getting a person’s undivided attention. Rest a hand on their arm or on their knee when you are talking. Engage in activities that promote touch, such as dancing. Just be careful not to appear too flirtatious. The last thing you want to do is send the wrong signals.

#4: Hold Eye Contact
How do you make the object of your affection weak in the knees? Hold that meaningful gaze for just a few seconds longer than normal. Show them you’re not one to turn away from something great!

#5: Be Interested In Them
Want to know if they are worthy of your undivided attention? Find out more by asking them open-ended questions about themselves. Show off your flirting skills by showing them you are actually listening to what they are saying.

Bonus Tip:
Don’t forget to show your appreciation for the person spending time with you. Always thank the person you are with, and let them know if you had a good time with them. A little politeness goes a long way to making you the next catch of the day.