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Of course this is not a secret that Ukrainian and Western cultures are pretty different and things which are common for people in the USA and Europe can be absolutely strange and abnormal for people in Ukraine. And such wide-spread thing as marriage contract also can cause a lot of disputes in Ukraine.

Every year 300 Ukrainian couples sign marriage contracts. In contrast to Europe and Western World where marriage contract became the norm of life, romantic Ukrainian people consider it to be just a blasphemy! You know that money in comparison to incompatibility ruins marriages more often! But why should you expose your family to this danger when you can regulate this issue and make your disputes less sharp? Lebanese Valid Arfush made certain that this is really so! He signed such contracts with Ukrainian women twice.

According to Ukrainian Legislation such marriage contract doesn’t determine private relations but
property. Nevertheless, in other countries where such contracts became the norm of life people can include there everything they wish.

For example Guy Ritchie promised Madonna in the written form that he will work at her spiritual and emotional enrichment and even read Cabbala with her. He had a right to argue with her only using the same phrases which were written in their marriage contract! However, all these didn’t prevent them from divorce. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards secured their calmness with 4 million dollars in case of unfaithfulness.

Michael Douglas pays to Catherine Zeta-Jones only for the fact that she lives with him – 2 million 8000 thousand per year! Katie Holmes valued her freedom even more expensive – 3 million per year for life in marriage with Tom Cruz and they signed this contract for 11 years! But the most romantic contract signed Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It has only one paragraph – mutual care about children!

In Ukraine marriage contracts are not popular even among wealthy people. Vlada Litovchetko is married for the third time and every time she tie the knot only with Love. Petro Poroshenko the Head of NBU Council watch only national property and trusts his wife!

You can see that there are a lot of different people who try to choose the best things for themselves and their partners; however, such difficult and disputable for Ukrainian women issue as marriage contract should be solved only in case of complete mutual understanding and care!

How does your usual date look like? Usually you visit the restaurant or a café, walk around the city without any purpose. At the beginning, when we only learn the person, the monotony of visited places has no special value. However, through some time, it becomes boring; we would like to have new emotions. 

You live in a city near the river! The best idea will be to hire a boat and to go swimming. It is unimportant, where exactly you will go, however it will be remarkable, if there is a small islet where you can spend time together. Take a snack, a plaid, a tent (if want to spend the night at nature) with you and let you go!

Make a picnic in a park under the moon. You need to take a little light meal like sandwiches, fruits and a bottle of wine. Lying on a grass, you can talk all the night long.

Visit a museum. It can be a museum of history of your city. And what kind of museum to choose, it depends on your interests. Probably, during the visit you cannot communicate much, but it will be a good theme for discussion further and you can learn much more about each.

Go to the nearest city at the weekend. Presence of the car will be much more convenient, but also the absence of it is not an obstacle. You can take a bus or a taxi. Walk around the unknown city, study sights, visit the best restaurant, and go to the cinema. You will have new impressions and a good occasion to communicate.

Make your own karaoke at home. And it is unimportant, if you can sing or not. A lot of laughter and positive emotions are provided. Certainly, similarity of your musical predilections is desirable, but it is not essential.

Become an actress and an actor. You always dreamt to become the actress of cinema or theatre? Think over the scenario of a film or compose it together and play. You can invite your friends and acquaintances and shoot a film. Make a usual day to be a holiday.

Butterflies are miracles! A very good idea is to have a date in the house of wild butterflies. It is so romantic when they sit on your face and tickle you with their wings. It can be a good time to tell your partner that you love her in such a romantic atmosphere.

Dolphins are our friends! Even the most exacting and skeptically adjusted young man cannot indifferently concern the offer to swim for a while in a pool with the real dolphins. People say that animals help us to be healthy, kind, attentive. It will be a good idea to have such an experience. Besides you will get many new emotions and you will see life from the other side.

Helicopter walk is the date for people who are not cowardly. People say when they fly on the helicopter they feel such an extreme that all problems become trifles. You are like birds and you feel so free and good that life seems for you to be the best thing in the world. After such a date, I guess it will be not scary for him to ask you to marry him.

Horse riding! Again you are close to nature and animals. Being together on the horse you can imagine yourself as in the end of the film “Runaway ”. mail order brides

If you want to have strong and long relations with your beloved, you should always make new dates, say that you love your second half, and use all the chances to show your care and respect.

New emotions and respectful attitude is the key to magnificent relations! Be happy and in love.

Do you know that the correct reading of gestures of the person can give more information than a word … As it is known men and women use the whole range of gestures in the course of courting. Some of these gestures are frankly obvious, others, on the contrary, are secret and hidden. The majority of gestures are made unconsciously, it is purely a reflex. The success of any person in his sexual relations with representatives of an opposite sex depends on his abilities to read direct signals of courting and correctly to identify what have been sent to him. Women are very sensitive to these gestures. Men, on the contrary, are less sensitive; they sometimes don’t notice anything at all.

Gestures and signals which men use at courting.

Very often a man, who wants to get the attention of the woman he likes, automatically begins to “to smarten up”. He straightens up, the stomach is gathered in, shoulders are straightened, and an easy sport walk appears; eyes light up, at once the man seems to look younger. In addition to these automatic reactions, he makes the following: he strokes his hair, corrects a tie, straightens out a jacket etc. All these gestures are to look more attractive.

Sometimes sexually aggressive men use such gesture: put in their thumbs of hands behind a belt to accent the area of genitals. When a man holds his hands on hips he wants to ask, “Who is the master of the house?”

Gestures and the poses used by women for the seduction of men.

Women also put their thumbs of hands behind a belt of a skirt, trousers. This pose of the woman expresses her sexual-aggressive mood. But, on the contrary, exhibiting of thumbs of hands from pockets specifies the superiority, inaccessibility and estrangement. Ukrainian Brides

The woman does the movement by a head to cast away her hair, especially if they are long. Also for the seduction she can simply throw back her hair with her hand. Some girls do this gesture slowly and sexually.

The area of a wrist of the woman always was considered as one of the erogenous zones. When the woman is interested in the man as the sex partner, she will try to hold palms and wrists in his field of vision. Smoking women can show this invocatory gesture during smoking.

The woman places her feet more widely when she communicates with the man who has interested her. And it does not depend on, whether she sits or stands.

When the woman specifically shakes her hips, plays them, underlining the advantages which attract the man’s looks - there is a seductress before you, believe me.

Often women attract men with a covert glance and wait that he has noticed her attention to him. As soon as the man will notice that the woman does this she takes her look aside. Men like such peeping, especially, if it is done by a nice stranger.

Stroking any subject, for example, the edge of the glass is a quite conscious hint what this woman has on mind.

There is a so-called erotic zone, to enter in which women presume only to those men in whom they have confidence. The distance of this zone makes 50 cm.  If the woman accepts the intrusion into an erotic zone on the verbal level positively, then the man can undertake more resolute actions.

Good luck in the search of the unique and only one woman!<-->

Do you still doubt whether it is possible to find your True and Genuine Love thought the Internet? I say you – yes! This is possible! If you think that it is an artificial and strained way of looking for your beloved person, then you can also refuse the whole civilization and stop using microwave ovens, cars, and lifts and so on and so forth. It is high time to understand that virtual world can bring you the Real Love!

But frankly speaking online dating of course is a little bit different from the real one and this is why I guess that you know about the fact that rules for such dating also should be different! In this virtual world your first letter will be the first step to her hart and do you know how to make this step without any problems? Here there are some tips how which can help you one day.

1. Don’t try to describe the whole your biography in one letter. Maybe this would be interesting for some historians who want to write a book about your life but not for a lady who is looking for her True Love, because if she read all the biographies of all men she would grow old alone!

2. Make compliments. People say that men like to see the object of their passion and women like to hear warm and tender words. Don’t pay attention to the fact that she will not hear but read your words, this also will work!

3. Don’t be too persistent and don’t say that you fall in love with her from the first sight! Such situation is pretty rare in the real life but it is impossible in the virtual world. The lady may think that you are playing games with her!

4. Don’t hurry up. The lady should be sure about your intentions. So, this seems pretty strange when you ask her about a meeting or phone number in the first letter. She will never give it to you, because she would be afraid of being sold somewhere or something like that. So, be patient and then you will have success!

5. You should always remember that you are a man and despite the fact that you are pretty far from your lady you can show her your care and attention and if you can use a computer and Internet for communication you are smart enough to guess how to make your lady happier as well!

6. Tell more about your interests and hobbies because if they are similar with the lady’s it will be easier to communicate further, because you will have themes for this! “Empty” letters about the weather do not help you know your lady better!

Well, I think that now you also can continue this list of rules according to your common sense, but the only thing left to be said. Be creative and honest and then everything will be all right!

I will not reveal you a secret if I say that men and women are different. And sometimes these differences are so huge and irresistible that we ask ourselves how can we love each other and start relations!? In the course of time relations between men and women were changing, because of political situations, historical events, social norms, but Love was and remains an eternal feeling - one and for all times. It cannot be changed. And this is why we continue to look for this amazing feeling.

Love is love wherever you live. Because this is feeling and of course we can tell about Love, show it and do some things, but the feeling of love is the bases for this. So, love is first, deeds – second. And it is easier to find your love when you say to yourself: “I love because I like to love!” But Love is only a feeling and relations are work. You know that lift can ride up or down and when this lift stays it means that no one use it. The same we can say about relations. Relations are like the work of art. And this is great to be its author. But it is difficult to do this when you are alone. Do you agree? We need to find our better half. And how can we do this? How can we feel whether this is the right person for us or not? What is this? Intuition? Mind? Or we somehow feel this with our heart? dating services

There are a lot of interesting theories about this. Some people say that man with black hair mostly prefer blond ladies and vice versa. But how to be with those whose hair is hard to identify, or with ladies who colored their hair? Others believe that everything depends on the character and say that extremes always meet. But don’t you know such couples where both are calm, or both are very active? I know. Then, what should we do? How to solve this problem? You can read a lot of pieces of advice or simply do like you wish. But it is well known that there cannot be a universal pattern. Maybe that’s a pity, but don’t you think that if we knew everything from the very beginning it would be pretty boring to live?

So, try everything and communicate with a lot of people and then, you will really find your true love and build strong relations. But if you believe in a scientific approach, then, you can check how compatible you are to your lady on the Love Calculator and find out how many percents of love are between you!

* * *

And in the conclusion I just want to add that love is not about finding the right person, but creating right relationships!

Cheers! See you later!

 There are many things which are important in our life. Love is one of them. How to find your second half? Every person needs to fill his heart with love, tenderness, dreams and feelings. Only then he can live this life fully. What should you do if you can’t meet your beloved in your usual life? You go to work, you come home, you meet with friends, but you can’t meet the person with whom you can have special evenings, you can dream about kids, you can come home and you will be granted with a kiss and a hug. Dreams? No, not dreams.

Many years ago different nationalities met and created families. Nowadays it has become much easier, because you can search your second half in the Internet.

Mail order bride is a label applied to a woman who publishes her intent to marry someone from another, usually more developed, country. Historically, mail order brides were women who listed themselves in catalogues and were selected by men for marriages. Sometimes men and women were citizens of different countries. Mail-order brides traditionally hail from developing countries; they are Southeast Asia, Philippines, former Soviet Union, and Latin America.

In the past, international marriage agencies allowed women to sign up to be listed in picture magazines, now Internet does this work largely. And how would we call the men who list themselves in such publications? Of course, mail-order husbands. : )

What is more interesting is that marriages arranged through these services would appear to have a lower divorce rate than the nation as a whole. Fantastically low divorce rates were reached at marriages with women from Columbia – 20% and marriages with women from the former USSR reached a rate of 15%. Here is a direct proof that Ukrainian and Russian women are the most family-oriented.

Marriage agencies and mail-order bride publications are legal mostly in all countries. But nevertheless it can’t be all perfect. The biggest problem is that women were not well-protected sometimes. The mail order brides are vulnerable to domestic abuse because they are unfamiliar with laws, language and customs of their new home. That’s why women should be more careful and men should help and support them. Russian Brides Chat

If you can’t meet you beloved you should try all methods: including mail-order bride service, but if you already have met your second half and she is from another country, remember that she is like a blind kitten that needs your support, care, help, instructions how to start a new life in a new country with new friends and family.

You know today we can be the witnesses of global phenomenon of international marriages. Today it has become quite popular to get acquainted with a foreign man, build romantic relations with him and get married to him. There are even a great number of sites where you can see not only the photo of your future second half but you have an excellent opportunity to communicate with him or her. But due to some cultural and personal differences, sometimes it becomes difficult to avoid misunderstanding and pitfalls. This article will help you to solve some problems that you may face with during communication with a Russian girl. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful.

1. Is there a real difference between Russian women and women of other nations or is it just a myth?
- Of course there is a difference. And we can’t do anything with it as it is historical development and it influences the typical traits of people. The FSU women really posses some traits that are peculiar only for them – the most significant are that they care very much about how they look and that usually career is less important for them than home and family.
2. If I am a foreigner and wish to get acquainted with a Russian woman - how can I attract her attention?
- At first Slavic women love with their eyes and they will notice you if you look neat and well-attended. They hate dirty shoes and undone hair. They won’t understand if the shoes cost $1000 or $10, but they will certainly notice if they are not polished.
3. What traits can interest such a woman?
- Russian women like when they have a strong shoulder next to them, they get used to trust and rely on their soul mate. So if you are self-confident, serious and brave man you will conquer their hearts. They like when you are brave in presence of other men but tender and kind with her. And of course their hearts are full of romance.
4. Speaking of romance how can a man surprise a Russian woman?
- You see Russian ladies really like romance but unfortunately they get it too little from Russian men but every woman has a romantic fantasy deep in her heart. In most cases it is the romantic dinner with candles, champagne or wine and words of love. And in most cases it’s done by themselves. So, to impress a Russian soul mate is not hard – flowers all of a sudden, housekeeping “day-off” for her or at least a dinner out without any reason, “just because” - you don’t need much to make her happy.
5. What do they like to receive as presents?
- Differing from other woman Russian women don’t need far islands or diamonds, it will be pleasant for her to get a bouquet of roses or even chamomiles on the date of your first meeting, or a modest ring on your engagement. They like surprises and in most cases they value not the real cost of the present but the attention.
6. What are the most typical mistakes in dating Russian woman?
- At first I wish to mention that He is to buy flowers at their first meeting, it is a rule and the girl will be grieved if he doesn’t do it. Of course he shouldn’t forget about these signs of attention further but the first meeting is the half of the thing.
A Russian woman likes when her companion is interesting and humorous, they can’t bear boring men. Russian women aren’t afraid to be humorous and to smile. They like when somebody makes her laugh but won’t forgive you if you make fun of her, russian wife
7. What should a foreigner do dating with a Russian woman?
- You will conquer her heart if you make your meeting unforgivable for her. She will fall in love with you if you turn a simple evening in a fairy tale where she can feel like a princess. And again you shouldn’t think that only money will do everything instead of you, she will value you but not your money.

Everybody knows the classical story of the Cinderella who became a princess. This is the reason why sentimental stories about russian woman model Natalia Vodianova are the great interest of people from different countries. You shouldn’t think that she married him because he was a lord and he has made a fortune. At that time she was rich herself. She admitted that nobody had respected her and loved her so much before as he had done. She swore that she would love him forever. “I remember as in 2002 Russian Vogue printed a photo story of our wedding. Much time passed since that time. First time it was really scary.

A strange lord courted me like a princess. But time from time he made such things! Once he told me one not pleasant thing. I offended. And in return he hugged me and said me tenderly: ‘You are my silly cow’. I lost the ability to speak. ‘Am I a silly cow?!’ Then it occurred that it was not an offensive expression. It is something like ‘my silly loving girl’. Now I myself use such an expression.”

Justin is a very restrained person. As a real English aristocrat he never gives free rain to his feelings. When I was pregnant I cried much because of it. I didn’t work, I woke up later. And he got up at 7 o’clock in the morning without saying “Good morning” or giving a kiss, he was rushing to work. And he was really surprised why I was crying, because he didn’t love me less. He accustomed to such a life – who needs this sloppy sentimentality?”

‘Or, when we quarrel I cry and then calm down. But he keeps silent. He just wants to wait through a moment. And I think why are you keeping silent? I thought he should better take me in his arms, shake me and bang on the table with his fist. And Justin laughs. He says that it is very “Russian”.

‘What am I going to do now? I need to go to English embassy. I am going to get a visa. It is very tiring. But it is not much time left as now I am lady Portman.” It is really interesting that he, an English lord, had an education in different prestige institutes got married with the girl who even didn’t have a full compulsory education.The point is that love has no boundaries like race or material status as real marriage is contracted in heavens.